Monday, April 19, 2010

Trans Iowa V6 prep

Meeting at Yia Yia's at 8 PM.

Finalized plans for all things Trans Iowa including: mode of travel, lodging, departure time/location, nutrition, drivers for the way home, last minute second guessing, and panic attacks. Now all we gotta do is ride.

Aaron getting a trial run to the bar on his TI set up

While many of us are still deciding on our gear and overall bike set up, Aaron has his all figured out and is ready to roll. Must have been a Boy Scout. He's got a sweet setup. Plenty of food and everything else you could need.

A lot of gels, salted nut rolls, and electrolytes in that Epic Ride Research Mountain FeedBag.

The weather has been holding steady at about a 50% chance of rain/thunderstorms for the entire event. The forecast has made me consider bringing my single speed. If it's gonna be a muddy mess, a single speed would be a lot less likely to break down over 314 messy miles.

Aaron's secret weapon - any guesses?


mw said...

SS is the only way i could manage these events. i'd be in the granny otherwise!

Joshua Stamper said...

is that ziplock full of mac and cheese?

WV: Pregu:pasta sauce the has thickened

John said...


jamesb said...

Thanks for the link to the FeedBag, just ordered me up one. said...

Looking forward to catching up with the Husker crew over 320 miles of beautiful Iowa gravel. The weather forecast is bringing back wonderful memories of TI-4. Travel safe, see you guys for a beer Friday night. Charles

RD said...

i don't know he shaved his wicked sideburns boooooo