Saturday, April 03, 2010


Dirt is looking good!

Had to sit out the opening event of the Psycowpath series today due to a bum knee. I know, I know....I really want to support the local race scene and yes, I did ride to Wilbur and back today, but on longer rides such as today I am able to meter my efforts and not push the knee to the point of re-injury. Racing a 20 minute time trial would probably result in a couple of steps back on the path to recovery.

So I hope everyone had a great time at Jewel. I've heard nothing but good things about that venue. I've never ridden there, but definitely want to check it out this year. I plan on making it up to Jewel for a Thursday night ride this year. Omaha folks, let me know when the next Thursday nighter is at Jewel.

Wilbur, NE - the Czech capital of Nebraska

So today a small group of us went to Cortland via the Homestead and then onto Wilbur via gravel. The wind really picked up today on the way back. Made it back to Lincoln in half the time it took to get out there.

Picked up a half dozen Kolaches for $4.50 from the Wilbur Bakery

Attempted to check out the dirt roads on the way to Wilbur, but made a wrong turn. We did have a chance to pass a few on our route to Wilbur and the dirt looks good to go for the ToDR III. The next PCL event, Tour of Dirt Roads III, is slated for Sunday April 18th. Start time is 8 AM from Meadowlark Coffee in the heart of Lincoln. If you want coffee be sure to get there around 7:30 because the ride leaves at 8 AM.

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paxtoncoyote said...

MMM...kolaches, they sell them in Sutton, NE to if you ever want to ride 70-80 miles to the west & a little south from Lincoln as well as Fuerher's cheesespread, that stuff is the bomb with Frito's scoops.