Monday, April 19, 2010

PCL - Tour of Dirt Roads II photo recap

First dirt

Regroup! WTF, I want a refund.

Cortland refuel. Scott, are you tryin' to tell me something?!

Dirt road goodness.

I don't even know the name of this place, but it's an oasis in Sprague, Nebraska.

Customer Appreciation Day...score! food brought to you by the PCL.


Anonymous said...

That is the Sprague Bar and Grill. They are fine and upstanding people. The fed Dave Story and I a couple weeks ago when we were riding around trying to find Tom Robbins. That bathroom is smurfy.

Thew said...

When we got to Sprague and saw the food was free, I felt the need to tell them "Umm... just a heads up: about 15 cyclists also gonna show up..."

But I guess Schmitty told them, so s'all good.

Either way, a great, great time.

Cornbread said...

That place is awesome. Definitely be going back.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, Matt. Next up on the PCL calendar is the Ponca Ride. One hundred and fifty five miles to Ponca, camp that night and then ride 155 miles back to Lincoln the next day. Ah yeah.

Malcolm said...

Looks great guys!!! A broken hand made me decide against better judgment(?) to skip the ride, hope to see you all out soon though.

Thew said...

As awesome as the Ponca Ride would be (is Rapha coming back this year? :D ) that's right in the middle of the World Cup. Priorities and such.

Anyway, good luck this weekend, man.

sbig said...

Great time Sunday. Thanks for the great ride. We'll expect free food at all PCL events from now on.
Good luck @ TIV6!