Friday, April 02, 2010

Missed out on the Laramie Enduro

Damn you Armstrong! The Lance Effect has rippled all the way to Wyoming for the Laramie Enduro. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Lance Effect, it's the phenomenon of high probability of unsuccessfully gaining entry into an Endurance MTB event for which Lance Armstrong will be participating or has participated in the past. Leadville 100 MTB is has been afflicted by the Lance Effect. I can accept that.

But now the Lance Effect is spread like a bad case of poison oak on a hot and humid summer day. Since a lot of folks weren't able to get into Leadville, like myself, many have opted for the Laramie Enduro. Can't blame 'em. It's a great event with plenty of sweet singletrack and awesome support. Registration opened at 1 PM CST and promptly filled up all 300 spots in about 5 minutes. I wasn't in front of a computer at 1 PM so I missed the boat. I tried around 1:15 to no avail.

Damn you Armstrong. Damn you. Per the Phantom's suggestion, you are banned from PCL events.


Anonymous said...

ban him from PCL before it's to late! - phantom

paxtoncoyote said...

one of the reasons I quit going to RAGBRAI too!

Laramie Enduro said...

Thanks for the kind words about our race - we're pretty flabbergasted at how quickly the race field filled this year! Keep us in mind for next summer (and beyond)! We plan to keep the field around 500 racers - it's a perfect size and LOTS of fun (pre, post and during the race). All the best!

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Dear Cornbread and Pals!

If it helps, every time Lance and his posse come to Tucson for a week to train in the early December warm sunshine--it suddenly gets frigid cold--and they freeze their asses off.

Cheers! Bruce