Sunday, March 21, 2010


DC of the Malcolm General Store

Today's post starts off with a pic of DC. DC lives at the Malcolm General store. He was named by the spouse of the owner of the Malcolm General store. DC is short for Damn Cat. I guess she's not very fond of felines as she wanted to name him FC. I bet you can guess what that stands for.

With him living there I'll get a chance to see him from time to time. He was chillin' on the counter when we rolled in today. Super chill and very friendly. Petted and scratched his ears which got his motor going.

That cat rocks. And that's why he gets first pic.

Heading out West A with the sunrise peakin' over a gravel roller

Had a good sized crew today. Kinda surprised with the WWASH # 2 last night. Figured most folks would be sleepin' in today.

Ryan on the sweet retro Trek

It was damn cold this morning. Wind chill was around 16 degrees when we took off. After a few rollers we all seemed to warm up.

Today's destination was Milford. The white rock was pretty bad in spots. Dane and Ryan broke off to hit some pavement (great ride guys!) as the rest of us headed for some simple sugar in Milford. We hit up the convenience store in Milford and then headed back towards Lincoln in search of some twisty gravel.

Not all gravel roads in Nebraska are straight

We managed to find the twisty gravel which follows a creek (Salt Creek?). It's a rare treat around these parts. Most gravel roads are set up on a grid system and completely straight.

Scott and Brian joined us today - Great ride guys!

Temps started to warm throughout the ride which necessitated some shedding of gear. It'll be nice when I don't need to bring two sets of gloves on rides. Soon. Very soon.

Two deer off in the distance

At one point during the ride we came upon a rafter of turkey (had to Google that one) and a few deer. They were hanging out together by some trees doing something. It looked pretty darn suspicious as they got spooked ran as soon as they saw us. I think they were up to no good. Probably doing drugs or maybe gambling. Darn kids.


Fob and DK peeled back to town as Scott, Brian, Troy and I headed up to Malcolm to get a few more miles and say hi to DC.

The gravel is in great shape, but the damn white rock is annoying. I'm sure once the farm equipment gets out on the roads things will get better.

If I didn't see you today, hope you got out for a ride! This week is looking like beautiful weather for riding!

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t-nuts said...

good times on some roads I hadn't visited in a few years, there's some hills around here for sure...