Sunday, March 07, 2010


Concrete marker guessed it...Agnew

The early start (7 AM, cough) hasn't detoured folks for showing up at the D Street rides. We had another good sized crew this morning including Todd from Omaha. After getting out of town the group splintered again with some heading out on road bikes for laps around Branched Oak lake and a couple of others were short on time and passed on the gravel, but six of us (Dane, James, Todd, DK, Schmidty and myself) continued on the gravel roads with Valpo as the rally point. The route was a shoot from the hip method. Just head North and see where we end up. Eventually we stumbled across the tiny town (not sure if it qualifies as a town) of Agnew. Not much really going on in Agnew, just a few run down abandoned homes and several trailers, but there was also a concrete marker. There are a bunch of these markers all across Lancaster county. I thought I've seen them all, but obviously not. I don't know much about them besides they're pretty damn sweet.

Pictured above is 98th Street just off of Agnew Road. This was part of the 2009 The Good Life Gravel Adventure. It's a MMR (minimum maintenance road). The gravel maintainers don't go down the MMR's. So it's not gonna be ridable for awhile, but you could probably ski it!

The ride took us to Valpo and then on past Ceresco. The gravel was in great shape to the North, but had some softer sections in Eastern Lancaster county.

Hey everyone, this is Todd. He traveled down from Omaha for the ride this morning. That's badass. Thanks for making the trip to Lincoln, Todd. Todd is heading down to Arkansas with us in a few weeks for the Ouachita Challenge. He's also taking on the Leadville 100 for the third year in a row. Yeah, he likes to ride bikes.

Hey Todd, it was great to have ya along for the fun today. You did great, especially keeping up with us on those fat tires! Think about getting a cross bike. They're awesome on gravel adventures.

Pepe's is awesome!

I finally got to Pepe's today and will definitely be back for more. Pepe's is located in Havelock, 64th and Havelock to be precise. The restaurant is upstairs and has a definite bicycle friendly atmosphere and decor. Lots of bicycle art, flyers, an old cruiser on the wall, and various cycling publications (Lincoln Ve-Low!). Pepe is a great guy who is passionate about supporting the local cycling scene and offers a special to folks who ride their bikes to the restaurant on Sundays. Five bucks for an entry and a drink. That's a great deal. I had the mushroom and spinach enchiladas and some very refreshing cucumber lemonade. It hit the spot. I'd like to make Pepe's a usual destination on Sundays when I'm in town. Thanks Pepe!

Cafe Indigo in the Haymarket

After Pepe's Dane, Schmidty and I headed down to Cafe Indigo for an Espresso. As you can see on the list of daily specials, folks that ride their bikes down to Cafe Indigo on Sundays get a free Espresso. Another local small business that supports cyclists. Gotta love that. And you gotta support the businesses that support us. Cafe Indigo not only has Espresso, coffee, and bakes goods, but also a vast selection of books. I need to get down there and peruse the selection.

Thanks again Lonnie!

Keeping with today's theme...Spilker Ales is another local business that supports cyclists. Lonnie hooked me up with a few 6 packs of pints for taking some beer down to The Gravel Conspiracy last year. Good stuff!

Rain the next couple of days. Boo.


mw said...

Another great ride. Thanks for hosting. Shorter ride for me fob and butch. Got a lot of tile work done

jamesb said...

So how was the ride after we parted? I'm thinking it was wise to avoid 96th thanks to the heavy truck (pickup) traffic and some soft sections. Looks like Havelock was good to you guys. did you head back out?

Cornbread said...

Ride was good after we parted ways. We ended up going in on 70th Street cuz the gravel was getting soft. I ended up heading back out after Cafe Indigo.

jamesb said...

Good work CB. I have some work to do, felt a bit thrashed the last 10 miles in...maybe a bite would have given me the boost to get back out.