Saturday, March 06, 2010


Rollin' out on the Lincoln Trail system - over 128 miles of trails in Lincoln

You can pretty much get anywhere in Lincoln via bicycle. The trail system is incredible. One of the selling points for my move to Lincoln was the trail system. On an average week, I'll ride around 80 to 100 miles on the trail system for my commute to work. So, it's safe to say that the Lincoln trail system is a big part of my life.

We've got folks in Lincoln and the surrounding communities who volunteer their time for maintaining, improving, planning and expanding the trail system. If you're not a member of the Great Plains Trail Network, please consider it. The membership dues go directly to improving the existing trails and building new ones as the city sprawls in every direction. Also, the folks at GPTN are working on building a Trail Center in the heart of Lincoln. It'll be a green building with solar powered water heating, geothermal climate control, and even a grass roof. Pretty sweet.


Forecast was craptastic for this morning. It dumped early this morning, but by ride time the rain was gone. The gravel was super soft and a bit muddy in some spots. Not ideal, but we made the best of it. The group was 12+ prior to hitting gravel and then splintered quickly. The sun was out intermittently all day. Hopefully the sun and wind will dry the gravel off for tomorrow's ride.

Jeff checkin' the forecast on the robot

Jeff, Dane and I decided to continue on to Cortland while the rest of the group headed for home. The skies looked threatening as we neared Cortland, so Jeff grabbed the smart phone to check it out. All's all to the NW of us. Whew.

Lake or a cornfield?

Lots of water in the fields right now due to the snow melt and the rain last night. That farmer won't be gettin' in that field for a while. Kinda reminded me of the floods from two years ago in Iowa.

Cortland, Nebraska...home of Spilker Ales

Spilker Ales is having their annual open house this weekend. The open house didn't start until noon and it was only 11ish, but we stopped by anyways in hopes of getting a beer. Luckily Lonnie was in the back and spotted us. He invited us in and we had a draft beer prior to headed home. Good stuff! Thanks Sam and Lonnie!

For sale

I love riding to small rural towns. Occasionally you come home with a good story. Today was one of those days. As Jeff, Dane and I hopped on our bikes outside of Spilker a pickup truck stopped in the road in front of us. An elderly gentlemen rolled down his window and asked us if we knew of anyone looking for an 18 speed bicycle. Then he invited us back to his place to check it out. I figured, why not, let's check it out. It could be some sweet vintage Eddy Merckx or maybe a Colnago. Or it could be a department store clunker. We walked into his garage to find the sweet Next pictured above. I asked him how much he wanted for it. He wasn't sure. A bad tenant used this for rent money. Yikes. Hope the rent was only 20 bucks.

I spotted an old J.C. Penny 3 speed cruiser next to the Next and asked him it that was for sale. He said no way. That was the bike he rides all the time. He rides to Princeton on the Homestead Trail with his dog chasing the whole way there and back. Awesome.

Coyotes times two

Spotted a couple of dead coyotes on the way back on S12th street. Been seeing a lot dead coyotes around recently. Also spotted a dead badger on Hwy 77.

Dane demonstrating how to keep your feet dry on the fixie

Damn it

The bike was in need of some love when I got home. I started cleaning it up and noticed a crack near the bottom bracket.

Any bets on how long until failure?

The closer I looked the bigger the crack became. It's probably the cause of all the creaking and possibly the reason my crankarm keeps coming loose. It'll fail eventually. I just hope the failure isn't catastrophic. I love single speed cross bikes with disc brakes and Bianchi doesn't make this model anymore. Super bummer for sure.

So I guess I'm pretty damn good at breakin' shit. Anyone need a product tester?



So the plan for tomorrow is 7 AM from D Street. The wind is forecast out of the NW. I'd like to go for a long one. Hit Valpo and then on to Brainard. Who's coming with me?


Thew said...

That looked like a weird f#$king ride, amigos.

mw said...

I am planning on it

c_c_rider said...

aw man, the roger is done? that sucks, but at least it lived a good life.

NNs said...

man, i guess youll have to switch over to one of your other subpar bicycles. i think steel is your jam for the future.

MG said...

sorry to hear about the roger dude... you're a high-torque sort of rider. my drivetrain was givin' me fits, so i had to head for drier conditions saturday. sorry i didn't hang in for longer.

see you sooon,