Saturday, March 13, 2010

PCL Lincoln-Seward-Wahoo-Lincoln...great day on the bike!

Folks getting ready to roll outside of The Coffee House in downtown Lincoln

Great times were had by hopefully all today. Since the weather didn't cooperate all week with all the precipitation, the PCL event took to the pavement. Oh no, mother nature can't stop the PCL. I'm not sure on the head count, but I'm guessing somewhere in the 30's. A very diverse group. Met some folks today and also had a chance to ride with several of the Nebraska posse that I hadn't seen in awhile.

Obeying the traffic laws...way to go PCL!

Lincoln to Seward and back to Lincoln for the short route (around 60 miles) with the long route going from Lincoln to Seward to Wahoo and back to Lincoln (around 108 miles per my computer).

Nice wide shoulder on 34 to Seward

Managed not to get wet today. Only had a slight mist for a bit on the way to Seward. No rain today, but plenty of wind.

This pic made me laugh!

We fought our way to Seward in the NW wind. Lots of rollers on the way there. Hadn't ridden to Seward in a few years. Last time was for the Fourth of July festivities.

Refuel in Seward

Some folks headed for home and some continued on after the Seward stop. The folks that continued on deserve a medal for fighting the North wind on Hwy 15.

A welcome sight!

Scott B. and I ended up being one the last folks out of Seward. We took turns fighting the wind to the Hwy 92 turn. Damn that was tough. I think we averaged 12 mph that stretch. Yikes.

Flat number 3 or 4 for Eric

Eric had a rough time today. He sliced his rear tire on the way into Seward. We booted that and changed the tube and it held for awhile. Then on Hwy 92, Scott and I ran into him again with a flat. It took a couple of tubes to get him going again.

How many times did you flat today, Eric? Hey man, just think with all your bad luck today, maybe you'll hit the Powerball! If you do, please share.

75 miles in...time for Mexican at Dos Margaritas!

Eric, Scott and I rolled into Wahoo at little after 1:30. It was definitely time for lunch. After 75 miles, the hot food sure tasted good.

These scurvy mates were there waiting for us when we arrived

Jeff, Brian, Rafal and Troy were already a drink ahead of us when we rolled in.

Late for supper!

Aaron rolled in as we were paying our tab. Doh! Sorry dude! But the good news is he and the rest of the Jah posse stopped in Dwight for burgers and beers. Nice work fellas!

Eric's final flat of the day

The tailwind home was great. 25 mph most of the way back. Unfortunately Eric had a couple more flats and decided to pull the plug and wait for the Rafal rescue. Heard he ran into Butch, Fob, Wills, and DK and was able to get rollin' again.

Thanks for the great ride folks. Did anyone make it down to Yia Yia's?


mw said...

dwight was something like this...

do you have eggs?
can you make an egg sandwich?
well...i'd have to go back in the other kitchen.
well get on back there and get to work you old bag!
ok...not quite. but i had to do some convicing to get some nutrition.

Malcolm said...

After punting after Seward with hopes of making a ride in CO tomorrow AM (which isnt happening) this girl went to Yia Yias.. yeh, only one there...

good riding,
and remember, next time CX down to the airport road, instead of going around, way too much time was spent trying to catch the field in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Sol in spanish means sun. That is one thing that i learned on our long ride. PCL events are educational opportunities. We did not see the sun for very long yesterday, but I did drink it's beerlishous nectar in Wahoo.

Anonymous said...

MW was using jedi mind tricks to acquire egg sandwiches. Yoda would've approved.

Aaron G said...

KISS Destroyer. DR LOVE

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much stuff you can fit into a little bike ride.

RD said...

thanks for nice Saturday... and for the beer

Emily said...

Great riding with you all! I discovered that I can keep up with the majority of the group so long as I don't have to urinate or have a flat. :)

Cornbread said...

Yeah, that was a fun day. I've heard a bunch of great stories from folks about their adventure on Saturday. No grilled cheese sandwiches!

Thanks for being there and being part of the fun, everyone!