Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ouachita Challenge Day 1

Locked and loaded...ready to go

"It's not a tumor."

Pre-ride after 500+ miles in the car


Rocks - having trouble finding a good line through this one

First singletrack of the year

CVO - that facial hair is dirty, so dirty

CVO inter-bloggin'

The forecast has changed several times for the race tomorrow. As of now, the weather is lookin' good with cloudy skies and temps in the 40's and 50's. There have been a lot of rumors that part of the singletrack (some of the super rocky stuff) will be detoured tomorrow because of mud.

This is gonna be fun!


Josh said...

Those pictures make me jealous! Wish I was well enough to make it down for the race.

Good luck tomorrow!

Ari said...

How are your preparations for the Trans Iowa going? I can't wait to ride with you guys again.

Cornbread said...

Josh, you were missed. Hope you're feelin' better.

Ari, lookin' forward to riding some gravel together this Spring. Soon, very soon!