Thursday, March 18, 2010

The nicest day of the year thus far....

South 110th Street

Today Lincoln and the surrounding areas hit the highest temperature of 2010. Sixty plus degrees. Ah yeah. Tomorrow the forecast is calling for snow. I guess Winter is going out like a lion.

MMR, not too shabby

We've had lots of precipitation in the last month, but surprisingly the gravel and MMR's were in awesome shape. In fact, due to the work by the gravel road graters and maintainers, some of the gravel was more like hardpack. Super fast and smooth.

110th - part of the 2009 GLGA

Lots of rock

While some of the gravel is smooth and fast, other parts are rough, loose and bumpy. The local gravel quarry has been busy! The local gravel roads were in terrible shape after this year's hard and long winter. In fact, the rural roads were the worst they've been in 20 or 30 years (thanks to Troy for the link!). So lots and lots of fresh rock has been dispersed on the roads. Some of the fresh sections are loose and ridiculously sketchy to ride a bicycle on.

If you're heading out on the gravel roads, be sure to: 1) bring at least two tubes, a patch kit, cellphone and a pump 2) keep pedaling when it gets really loose and especially you feel like you're gonna lose it, and finally 3) keep both hands on the handlebar and the weight off the front when going through the deep stuff.

Your moment of Zen

See you on the gravel soon!

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mw said...

nice pics. i got out two nights this week and was surprised by the conditions. i hope iowa follows soon.