Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Laramie Enduro registration opens April 1st

Paceline on a gravel road section during the 2009 Laramie Enduro

Got an email the other day from the Laramie Enduro reminder robot. Yep, registration opens April 1st. If racing your mountain bike over 70 miles with 8,000 plus feet of climbing all above 7,500 feet of elevation sounds good to you, don't dally. The race fulled up real quick last year. BTW, the race is on Saturday July 31st, not Sunday August 1st. FYI, you can sign up on the Laramie Enduro website for email reminders regarding registration.

Desolate Flint Hills of Kansas

Also, just listened to an interview with Jim Cummins, the Dirty Kanza race co-promoter, on the Ciclirati website. Definitely gets me pumped up for that event. Jim really does a great job explaining the remoteness of the DK200. That's a big reason I love that race. During many points of the event you can look around for miles in any direction and not see a single sign of human life besides the gravel road.

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