Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Spring, right?

Icy gravel

Damn you Winter of '10. You had to get one last snow in, didn't you. Well, that's all you get for the first half of the year. From here on out, it's gonna be nothing but sunshine and 70 degrees. Right?

The snow throw a wrench in the weekend ride plans. I was really hoping of getting out on some singletrack this weekend in preparation for the Ouachita Challenge next weekend. Oh well, I guess the first bit of singletrack that I'll ride for 2010 will be during the race. Yikes. Stay clear of me folks. It's gonna be sketchy.

Bitter cold

A small group of demented...errr...dedicated cyclists took off at 7 AM from D Street this morning. I was very close to bailing on the ride, but once Matt, Butch and Dave showed up I figured what the hell. Todd and The Dark Knight rounded out the crew.

It took me a while to get ready for the ride cuz I had to do some diggin' in the closet to find my winter gear. The snow and frigid temps necessitated the Lake Winter boots and Pearl Izumi lobster claw gloves this morning. Thought I used those for the last time a couple of weeks ago and had 'em packed away for the season.

As we left D Street it was apparent that the streets and sidewalks were as slick as a mofoe. It didn't take long for me to eat shit. Made it to campus and went down on the sidewalk. Landed on my already tender left knee. Awesome. Dave ended up going down twice, but he's obviously a lot more nibble than I am and managed not to draw blood.

Welcome back Dave and Martha (Dave pictured above)!

The crew ended up heading into the wind and made a quick trip to the Malcolm General Store. I love that store. The people are friendly, the donuts are delicious and fresh, and the coffee is hot. Plus the locals were excited to chat and reminisce regarding a little event that's happened the past couple of years. They were even more excited to find out that the event is gonna happen again this year. We just need to be sure to route the ride through Malcolm again.

Ride tomorrow? Maybe. Depends on how the knee feels.


mw said...

the alarm went off on sunday and i said heck no. i figured i had a few things going against me. ice, a headache and not enough sleep and some housework to do. pretty weak, i know.

Cornbread said...

We missed you today! I couldn't believe you weren't in the kitchen when I walked down the stairs this morning.

Wednesday night? Jah!