Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heading off for Ouachita tomorrow

Beautiful flowing singletrack of Arkansas

CVO, Shawn and I are heading off for Arkansas tomorrow afternoon for the Ouachita Challenge (pronounced Wa-she-tah) which is on Sunday in Oden. Kris, Todd and Jerry are heading down on Saturday.

I'm excited for the race, but a bit worried about not getting any singletrack time yet this year. Make no mistake, this is a real mountain bike race in actual mountains. The elevation gains aren't ridiculous, but the terrain is as rugged as that found out West. You gotta be on your "A" game to go fast through those trails.

Stream crossing from the 2007 race - photo credit ?

The 60 mile course will include a lot of big gnarly rocks and numerous stream and small water crossings. A majority of the course is singletrack!

This event is tough on the body and the bike, but fun, fun, fun!

Wish us luck!


sydney said...

Good luck!

Jon Downey said...

Good luck and we'll expect a full report as soon as you can!

Malcolm said...

Good luck Cornbread and Co. You guys will do great and have a blast. I would love to check out the Mountain bike race scene some time.

I'm hoping to get some road riding in if anyone is interested this weekend (I assume no D street ride?).

sydney said...

Malcolm, meet at 9:30 at the mill downtown to ride out to branched oak for the training criterium.
Good opportunity for some intensity. More info bout the crit on

RD said...

the force will be with you

Scott Kiddoo said...