Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super fun, sketchy and sopping wet Super Bowl Sunday ride

Nice pile!

Great crew this morning for the ride. Several new faces (Ryan, Emily, Kim, and Lis) and several familiar ones that we haven't seen in awhile (Sydney, Jay, and Dane). Welcome and welcome back!

Dane rockin' the 52 x 17 fixie with slicks!

Traction was an issue today. Just like yesterday, on departure the temperature was below freezing, but as the ride progressed the melt ensued and things got interesting.

Moment of Zen

Got another dusting of snow last night or early this morning. More snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Enough already! I wanna ride my cross bike.

Rolling to West Claire Road via the Bison Trail

Bike trails were good, but will probably be slick for tomorrow's commute to work. Studded tires highly recommended!

Almost to gravel!

Darn snow kept coming down for most of the ride. By the time we got to Cortland most of us were soaked from head to toe, but on the bright side, we're complete bad asses for riding our bikes today.

Cortland refuel

Rolled out of town via West Claire Road to SW 40th to SW 42nd to West Apple Road on into Cortland. The ride to Cortland had the wheel sucking icy ruts claim several victims. Luckily no one got seriously hurt.


Most of us rolled back to town via S25th with a few folks opting for the highway. The highway was probably the smart choice. Gravel got slick and sloppy as the temperature rose.

Frickin' Ouch

On the ride back to town Troy hit a rut and had his front wheel wash out on him. He hit the dock hard. Real hard. I saw it coming and had enough sense to punch it and get out of the way. After getting a safe distance ahead I looked back to see Troy rolling over to his stomach in that familiar "this one really fookin' hurts" position. That was a bad one. Glad you're alright buddy.

Rocket Fizz!

Hit up Rocket Fizz on the way back through town and picked up a couple Sprecher Cream Sodas. My new "thing". So good.


Ran into Coach on the ride home. Snapped this FB profile pic for him. Good seeing you out Coach! You need a War Axe fork for that bike.

Prune hands!

Five hours with wet gloves = prune hands! Anyone else get prune hands? I'm betting on yes. Great ride everyone. Thanks for riding your bike today. Be proud. More of the same craziness next weekend.


elisabeth said...

my hands weren't prunes, but while we were warming up in Cortland, I did get two-toned (white tips, purple from the middle knuckle town) hands for awhile. scary! took me to roca road to get feeling back to the tips.

Malcolm said...

Good work fellas, I was pretty sure that it was your guys tracks that I saw on the bison trail as I was rolling out of town today as well, keep it up.

Emily said...

Great picture of the mass of bikes.

Cornbread said...

Weather for next weekend is looking good. More gravel for sho.