Sunday, February 28, 2010


Coffee and a donut at Tvrdy's in Valpo...not quite Pepe's

Another great crew this morning...Matt T., Wills, Bonsall, Jim W. (hope you feel better soon!), Troy, James, and Aaron (hope you feel better soon!). The ride took off an hour earlier this morning with hopes of hitting Pepe's for brunch, but once we got out on the gravel near Branched Oak Road the general consensus was to push on to Valpo.

There was a bite in the humid morning air. Lots of fogged over glasses and frost beards by the time we hit Valpo.

Troy before he cracked open the big dawg of JD at the Ceresco Squeegee, he sure got wasted!

Troy, James and I continued on after Valpo and headed East for Ceresco. Found some sweet new curvy gravel roads to check out in the future and also hit about ten consecutive miles of steep rollers. Great workout for sure!

Big wheels in the house!

James was on a borrowed 29er and sure did great today. I think we'll be seeing him on his own 29er soon. Am I right?

Fob joined us on 98th Street as we worked our way back towards town. The gravel got soft and sloppy at intersections and driveways when the temps creeped up. Had to spend another hour cleaning the bike after the ride today. Sure am tired of doing that every frickin' ride!

Your moment of Zen

Great rides this weekend everyone! Let's do that again next weekend!


mw said...

thanks again for the ride. jb and i headed back after ashland rd. i finished my tile cutting.

RD said...

hey where are you thinking for pcl lincoln==>?lincoln ride

jxw said...

Thanks for the concern CG. Think I'm back on solid ground. Had to make it back for a baptism, early start was welcome. Did I see forecasts of 40+ deg. next Sat.? :) :) :)

Cornbread said...

Wills, nice work on the tile. Lookin' good. Pancake party?

Rafal, not 100% sure where we're going for the Lincoln-?-Lincoln event. We'll see how the wind is and go from there. Count on a 50 and 80 mile route.

Jim, good to hear you're feelin' better. Yeah, next weekend is lookin' good!

RD said...

heck yes... i better bring some food then for the 80 miler...

jamesb said...

Yeah, the big wheels were nice. Especially on the white rock, extra rubber good.

I have ridden a different bike every day since Sunday. I remember you said to settle in on one before the Kanza, so the cross bike will be my regular. Lots of black ice out there at 5:40 am. though.