Saturday, February 06, 2010

Slippery and sloppy

Rollin' on gravel North of town

Great crew for today's Saturday morning ride. Temperature was below freezing on departure, but creeped up above the melting point as the ride progressed. Super slick and sketchy getting out of town to gravel. Even the gravel was sketchy. The studded tires really hooked up well on the gravel, but weren't so awesome on the pavement.


The best part about riding with the Lincoln crew is we always regroup at some point. There's always a few folks who go off the front, but eventually someone stops for a nature/safety break.

Beautiful morning in the country

Had to stop and get of pic of this road. The melt over the next couple of days will get most of this snow, but more snow is forecast for Monday. Damn it!

Malcolm General Store

Hit up the General Store in Malcolm for day old donuts (3 for a buck!) and a soda. Things were starting to get really sloppy by this point.

Post ride Yia Yia's

Butch, Fob and I got some extra chamois time by hitting up Cycle Works for an hour or so to fix my bike (BB completely f'ed!) and then onto Yia Yia's for a recovery slice and beverages.

Post ride post Yia Yia's Meadowlark coffee

Riding again tomorrow at 8 AM from D Street. Expect another slippery and sloppy ride. Gonna freeze tonight. South wind tomorrow. Probably Cortland.


jxw said...

Good stuff today. Just had both legs cramp putting socks on, one at a time. The aftermath.

mw said...

see you in the morn...