Saturday, February 27, 2010


Posse rolling by the Phallic Nebraska State Capital building

Large group this morning for the ride. Didn't get an official headcount, but I'm guessin' around 15. Folks are eager for the weather to warm up and even more eager to ride bikes.

CVO (snappin' a pic) and Ryan

The posse picked up a couple folks (Mr. Anderson and The Dark Knight) on the way out of town. By the time we hit the gravel on North 27th the sun was shining and the light breeze out of the North was warming up nicely. The group split up once we hit the gravel and several small groups formed. The gravel was in great shape. Dry and fast. We had a nice challenge heading North when we hit several long stretches of fresh white rock. Ugh.


Valparaiso was the first stop. After a regroup and refuel, Fob, Butch, Shawn and I headed East. Shawn peeled off after a bit and headed home while Fob, Butch and I continued on to Wahoo.

Damn fine Mexican

Once we rolled into town we asked around for a good place to grab some lunch and had a few folks point us in the direction of Dos Margarita's. Yep, it was awesome.

Cheese cake!

We powered down a large lunch and then hit the local coffee shop on the way outta town for some espresso. Full belly, a boost of caffeine, and a tail wind. Ah yeah.

We took our time and enjoyed the cozy little town of Wahoo.


Still lots of snow

We ended up riding gravel South for a bit until we hit some wet peanut butter gravel. No thanks...let's take the shoulder on Hwy 77. The tail wind on the Hwy was wicked!

Since we weren't in a hurry, we hit the convenience store in Ceresco for another boost of sugar and caffeine. Aaron Pool was out on his road bike today and stopped into the convenience store while we were there. Great chattin' with ya Aaron!

Saying goodbye to my travel companions - Thanks guys!

Great day on the bike with my buddies. Looking forward to more rides like that this year. Chill pace and great company. Plus, today was probably the best weather day of 2010. Things are lookin' up!

More of the same tomorrow. Ride leaving D Street at 7 AM. At 10 AM hittin' Pepe's for some brunch and then off for some more miles afterward.


Malcolm said...

7? Are you serious C? I will try to make it, but I thought we said 8? I went to denton after sat science, road there, back gravel, nice easy afternoon. I will try to be at your place my 7, no promises.


Thew said...

I'm about to pass out after a night of High Life with NNs, Tony, Sarah Johnson and special guest star John(ny Mohawk) Kohtz. Doubt I'll be there in 3 hrs 50 min.

Joshua Stamper said...

Looks like things are a little dryer down your way. Her Al-ness and I slogged through about 32 miles of wet sand roads north of the 'Loo on the Tandem. It did not leave us wanting more.

Cornbread said...

Malcolm, sorry about the time change. I was really wanting to hit Pepe's for brunch and getting out an hour earlier increased the chances of that happening....even though it didn't happen! Next week, man.

Thew, that sounds like a fun night. Hope you're feeling chipper today.

Joshua, the next week will hopefully dry up the gravel. I'm kinda tired of cleaning my bike for an hour after every ride.

Malcolm said...

No worries at all, just giving you a hard time, I got back to the office after a few beers at yia yia's, and was like, humm, I wonder if I can make that time. Definitely didn't, but rode pave to branched oak. Keep it up guys!