Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pre-snow ride...get it while you can...also, FREE GUINEA PIG!

Rollin' outta town via North 27th

With the forecast calling for 3 to 6 inches of fresh powder later today through Monday, we had a large and motivated group this morning. Head count was eleven. Hadn't seen Paul, John (Happy Birthday!), Shawn and Kevin on a ride in a while. Great riding with ya guys!

The gravel was actually in really great shape considering the fresh snow we got the other night. There were a few icy ruts, but nobody went down to my knowledge.

Jeff likes bananas, Wills likes cheese sticks, DK likes hot dogs, Troy likes...?

Valpo was on the menu again today. We've been there a lot this year. I'm sure Tvrdy's enjoys the extra income. I went for the 16 oz. coffee and the day old donut...90 cents. Ah yeah.

Lining 'em up outside Tvrdy's

Had a motorist shake her head at us today while heading towards Valpo on Main Road (gravel). Yeah, we're nuts....or is it you, Miss Motorist, who is crazy?

Heading home via the St. Mary's Cemetery road

The group splintered on the way back to town. That's pretty much the norm nowadays. Unfortunately, the NW 112th Street Border Collie wasn't home today. Next week buddy!

Who wants this Guinea Pig?

So, the other night I was eating dinner and watchin' TV. Ruka, the D Street Queen, was freakin' out at the living room window. She does this all the time. She'll see another cat, raccoon, dog, squirrel, or whatever and sprint from window to window getting a look. She'll even scratch the window and hiss if the critter hangs around for awhile. Well, this was the case on Thursday. She was scratchin' at the window for 20 to 30 minutes, so I finally decided to take a look. What did I see? A half frozen guinea pig huddled against the brick wall of the apartment complex next door paralyzed in fear.

I knew it wouldn't survive the night with the all the cats in the hood and with snow in the forecast, so I went out to rescue the critter. The little guy came right to me when I knelt down and put my hand out. The thing was shakin' little an old Maytag. Poor little guy.

So now I've got a guinea pig that I gotta get rid of. Signs have gone up in the hood, but I haven't gotten a call yet. I asked a resident next door, but no luck.

Did someone let it go or did it escape? Maybe it's got lice or it bite it's owner. Who knows. All I know is that I'm not much of a guinea pig kinda guy, so if I don't find a home by Monday it's going to the neighborhood Animal Rescue. Unfortunately, no one on today's ride wanted it. Maybe John would like it for his Birthday!

Seriously, if you want it, shoot me an email. He/she is super chill and poops a lot.


RD said...

you should eat it peru style...
well you should late it graze and make it fat and then eat it..

jxw said...

Nice ride today. Got about 90 again. I hurt. If all else fails take that bugger to the Humane Society. Sunday?

daneo said...

Come join us for Pepe's brutal brunch crunch: Meet at the Hardy building dock (8th & R) at 9:45.

I think I told you at the Grata, Pepe is starting a deal for cyclists this week where you get any menu item + drink for $5.

Everyone's welcome to join in.

Maybe Pepe needs a guinea pig.

PaddyH said...

twitter richard gere

Anonymous said...

you're a good human cornbread.

Cornbread said...

Daneo - how was Pepe's? I was planning on meeting you guys, but I ran out of time. Maybe this weekend.

daneo said...

Pepe's was tasty. Despite the forecast, the ride was relatively snow free. We'll probably do it again sunday.