Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Leadville? Who cares! The Laramie Enduro is better.

Heading into some singletrack during the 2009 Laramie Enduro

Yeah, that's right. The Laramie Enduro is way better than Leadville 100 MTB. Why? Simple, it's got actual singletrack! The Leadville 100 MTB, at least the 2007 edition, didn't have one bit of singletrack. And no, I'm not upset for not getting picked in "the lottery" for admittance into Leadville. I'm just stating the facts (sprinkled with some biased opinion with a hint of bitterness). Laramie may not be as long as the Leadville event (111k versus 100 miles), but it's just as tough because added difficulty of the singletrack.

Another gold star on the side of Laramie is the cost difference. The Laramie Enduro only costs 60 bucks. Leadville is almost 5 times as expensive (factoring in the 15 bucks for the lottery). Sure, at Laramie you don't get a nice shiny belt buckle for finishing, or get the chance to race with the living legends Dave Wiens, Floyd Landis or Lance Armstrong, but you do save a bunch of money that can be used for gas, lodging, food, or even bike parts. Plus, you get to race with folks like...some dude riding a sweet whatever, that one guy on the SS, what's her name from where ever on team something or other, and of course all the other folks that didn't get into Leadville. So as far as value, Laramie tops Leadville.

I'm excited for Laramie this year and will try getting into Leadville again in 2011. Unless I hit the Nebraska Powerball this weekend which will allow me to enter the Leadville Training Camp (cost is 1200 bucks!) which guarantees a spot in the 2010 Leadville race. Then I'm in!


mw said...

i remember the laramie promoter decideding after the finish that he could pay the SS top 3 or 5 finishers. it was hilarious to watch him fumble with his checkbook and write me a check for 3rd place after the event. super down home and fun event.

RD said...

next year cornbread i'm there.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Leadville is all hype. I didn't get into the Enduro this year, and I did get in to Leadville.
I always say I'm never doing it again, and then I do. Why? What's the pull? Rip off. No singletrack.
27 miles of road. Crappy schwag. No Hammer products in the aid stations. I think what draws me is being around all those amazing athletes.