Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Good dog - Round Two

Troy and I hit some gravel tonight and while chattin' about Troy's dogs I spotted a dog running next to us in the darkness. Another case of a dog just wanting to go for a run. We eventually stopped after getting a mile or so from it's farm. We got lots of love from the pup when we stopped. We each took turns petting and scratchin' it's ears. What a great dog!

After unsuccessfully trying to out run the dog and not having much luck with telling it to "Go home!", we turned around and headed back to the farm in which we thought the dog resided. The owners were a little surprised to see a couple of lycra clad cyclist ringin' their doorbell with their dog in tow. Ha! Good times.

This dog definitely gives the Border Collie from Sunday a run for the money on the coolest dog I've encountered on a gravel ride. Well, those two and the Messerschmidt Farm dog on the way to Ponca.