Sunday, January 03, 2010

When life hands you lemons....

Wilderness Park

Lincoln got another couple of inches last night on top of the already 12+ inches we got last week. It was just enough to smooth out the bumps and uneven spots in the current set of tracks. It was perfect today. Fast, but not ridiculously fast.

Butch Johnson - Bicycle Advocate and all around awesome guy

I've found a new appreciation for the snow. Before it was just a hassle. Now it's a joy.

Paul and Darin - they got skillz!

We had a great crew for this morning's session. Probably close to a dozen. I got a picture of Paul and Darin at the start of the ski session. Good thing I did cuz they were gone in a heart beat.

John V - was flyin' today!

Seems like the usual gravel posse has traded in their bikes for skis this winter. Not a bad change of pace, but I really miss riding my bike. This time last year we were doing 60 to 80 mile rides on Saturday and Sunday.

Matt and Jim - ski touring crew

Seems like there are two distinct groups of skiers. The fast folks and the touring folks. I'm more inclined to tour for now, but maybe someday...

Beautifully peaceful morning in the park

Came across another group of deer out in the park today. They're all bunched together due to the cold. Must have seen a dozen plus yesterday and half a dozen today. Wilderness is sanctuary. No hunting.

Heading back - Matt and Jill headin' out

The folks who have just started skiing this year are coming along nicely. Troy, Kevin, and myself are starting to figure it out. Good times.

Guess who got a new camera?!

Looks like I won't be the only one snapping gravel grinder pics this year! The frozen beard contest is classic.

Hot coffee - yum! That's totally Nordic

The next week looks to be great for skiing. If you don't have a set of skis, get on it! You're missing out! If you need pointers, don't ask me. I don't know jack about skiing. In all honesty, I don't think many of us know what the heck we're doing. We're just wingin' it. It's all good though.

Next ski session is Tuesday night at 6 PM from the Old Cheney parking lot. Hope to see ya there.


Joshua Stamper said...

For a few minutes this morning I was considering whether to spend money on a snowblower or on xc skis.....skis it is. shoveling snow counts as cross training anyway

mw said...

i've been digging the skiing as well and even tho i've done it for 5 or 6 years i still feel like i'm learning what to do. i think we should burn in some tracks at pioneers to get some more up and downs. wilderness is more secluded tho and that's what i like.

Anonymous said...

Snowblowers are for softbellies.

I have no idea who you are Josh. But if i see you sometime i would like to buy you a beer for the perfect decision that you have made.

paxtoncoyote said...

Where can a guy hook up with an xc ski package at a decent price? I've been considering it for a couple years now as we've been getting more snow than usual, although we're about cleared now, I've rode my bike all 3 days of the year so far.

jcraig said...

Glad to see everyone getting out. A bunch of us have been out almost every day at Wagon train or Stage Coach. Might try to make Tuesday night.
I have had a few calls on skis and snowshoes and almost everyone like Scheels and Cabela's are out. Crazy. Butch is getting shoes in this week at the Tooth.
Butch and I are putting a Ski and Snowshoe event on the 16th. Keep playing the snow. It beats a trainer.

MOD said...

Man I miss skiing in wilderness, it's so perfect. Might have to come down early on the 16th and hit it up with you ladies.

mw said...

its super fun now.

Cornbread said...

Josh, good to hear you got a pair of skis. This is the year to do it.

PC, XC skis are hard to come by this time of year. Especially now with all the snow. At least you've been riding. I'm jealous.

Jim, got any details on this ski event? I'll have to get out to Wagon Train and check it out.

Mod, a morning ski session is a great idea for the 16th.