Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valparaiso Ride or also known as the "Valley of Paradise" Ride

Rollin' out of town via N 27th

Wind shifted to the North yesterday afternoon so Valparaiso was on the docket for the day. The slight breeze really had a bite this morning. Didn't really warm up until around noon. Hands and feet needed a warm up by the time we hit Valpo.

Lots of rollers up North

Hit the some of Bohemian Alps on the way to Valpo. Great interval training. Pin in up the climbs and recover on the downside.

Tvrdy's in Valpo

Hit the convenience store in Valpo for a day old donut and a cup of coffee for 90 cents. Ah yeah.

Picked this fella up from a farm on NW 112th

Crushin' it up a climb

No barking or aggression. He/she just wanted to go for a run. Followed us for a mile or so before we stopped and gave it some love. The dog ate up the attention.

Good dog

We tried to get the dog to head back home after we stopped and regrouped, but it kept chasin'. So we opened it up on a downhill to try and drop the pooch, but the darn thing was still keepin' up at 26 mph! At this point we started to get worried cuz we were 3 to 4 miles from it's home and it didn't appear to be tiring out one bit and it also didn't heed our proclamations to "Go home!". Was it gonna follow up all the way back to Lincoln? Eventually a minivan crested over the gravel roller ahead of us. We stopped to get the dog out of the on coming traffic cuz it was running all over the place and we didn't want to see the dog get hit. As the minivan approached the dog immediately stopped and laid down on all fours. Wow, that was cool. I've never seen a dog do that when a car rolled up on it. Well, luck happened to be on our side today cuz the minivan driver was the dog's owner. The owner laughed and told us the dog belonged to his family. A youngster in the back of the van opened the door and the energetic pup jumped into the van with the rest of the fam. Awesome. Happy ending for everyone.

Great rides this weekend! More next weekend!


Thew said...

Valley of--- wait, what

paxtoncoyote said...

Typical Border Collie behavior, very energetic dogs, had one growing up as a kid named Snoopy.

I only got 7 miles of gravel in today before totally blowing a near new Exiwolf out, looks like faulty cords or something, got a 6" gash right down the middle seam, sounded like a shotgun blast! No booting this one, had to call the cavalry to come pick me up.

Cornbread said...

Super bummer on the Exiwolf and the bail out call. Kinda weird to have a tire blow up like that, but it's not the first time I've heard of one doing that. Must have been a bad one.

Border Collies rock. If I get a dog, it'll be a Border Collie.

You guys getting snow out that way anytime soon?

paxtoncoyote said...

Snow? What's that? I hope no more BIG snows this year, we had ours in Oct. We did wake to a glaze of ice this am but it was melted off by mid-morn.

I'm getting anxious about boosting my gravel miles as well as getting to Potter's now & then as well as a few more adventures I've got planned locally.