Saturday, January 30, 2010


Butch, Wills and Bonsall, you guys need to be STIMULATED!

Rode to Cortland today with a good sized crew via Claire, S 40th, S 42nd, Gage, S 27 and West Apple. Hit the convenience store and spotted this little ad gem (see pic above). Classic. I heard the Republicans are upset about the cost of the sausage stimulus.

Crushin' it today

Chris was crushin' it today on the SS. Definitely put the hurt on us. Great to have ya along Chris! Hopefully we'll see you more often on the weekend rides.

Dane the Destroyer

Dane set a personal distance record today! Plus he was hammerin' all the way to Cortland on a 52 x 17 fixed gear. Craziness. Congrats on the PR Dane! Keep it up man!

Refuelin' at Cortland

CVO, DK and Jim arrived in Cortland shortly after Chris, Dane, Aaron and myself. We definitely needed the break to warm up extremities, refill/thaw bottles, and get some calories for the ride home.


Cruisin' home

Wind shifted on us on the way back. Doh. Still made pretty good time. Legs are definitely feelin' it, but that's exactly what we needed. Most of us have big rides planned for the upcoming year. Gotta get those winter miles in.

More tomorrow. 8 AM from D Street.


Thew said...

As I posted on FFL, if my liver permits it, I will see you in the morning.

mw said...


Malcolm said...

Dropped the ball on this one... :(