Saturday, January 16, 2010

It was a cold one this morning

The fellas looking at something in the morning sky - weird

No way. Butch tried and only got about 100 feet

Some of the gravel is still snow and ice covered which keeps it interesting

Butch with the best frost beard in Cortland

The fog rolled in after the sun came up - it was beautiful

Jim and Troy rollin' back to town via South 25th

Wills is awesome!

Homestead Trail ain't gonna be ride-able for awhile

The ride today was cold, beautiful and humbling. The temperature was a lot lower than any of us expected. No one had any frozen digits, but a lot of us came close. The stop in Cortland really helped warm us back up.

The dark gravel experience was really fun. Gotta have a good light, but it's definitely doable. We didn't get to see the sunrise because of cloud and fog cover, but were treated to some very thick fog. I've haven't seen a lot of winter fog. Cool stuff.

After taking essentially two months off the bike I've learned that I've lost a lot of fitness and got dropped more times than I wanna mention. Butch on the other hand was crushin' it today! Look out 2010! Here comes Butch! Troy and Jim were also in fine form.

Hopefully we'll get out for another ride tomorrow. Need to get those miles in!
Great riding with you guys!


Anonymous said...

Corey, there is a missing picture from this post.

jxw said...

I'm going about 8. Looks like a Northward start.

Steve Fuller said...

Amazing how quick the fitness leaves you, isn't it? Now you know what us old, fat, back of the pack guys feel like in peak form ;)