Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello, sunshine

Assemble the posse

A good sized crew met up today for a jaunt up North to fight the wind. We were greeted to sunshine as we gathered in front of D Street prior to departure. I can't remember the last time we started a ride with clear skies and the sun shining down.

Nebraska State Capitol

Aaron had some bad luck today. Flatted a few blocks from D Street next to the State Capitol. Changed it out and the valve core broke off as we pulled the pump off. Another tube and we were off again.

Number 3 flat for Aaron while still within the city limits

Aaron's flat problem continued and after a bit of investigation we realized his tire was shot. He was riding on borrowed time and had to bail. Sorry dude...major bummer. Hope you were able to get a ride in later in the day.

Gravel...not so bad

Surprisingly the gravel wasn't too shitty to ride after all. The overnight freeze and wind firmed things up just enough to allow us to hit a short stretch of gravel goodness.

Deep ruts

Yeah, the ruts are gonna be gnarly for awhile. The ruts were abundant on North 27th street.

Hey, I can see my shadow!

Rollin' into Raymond


We fought the wind into Raymond and then rode pavement to the Corner Store off of Route 79. After a quick refill we headed out in the wind for Malcolm. Jim, James and I headed by Pawnee Lake to Emerald and then back into town via Van Dorn. Not a bad ride. The tail wind was really nice, but tough on the SS. Great ride everyone!

The forecast is looking pretty darn good for riding this week. It'll be cold, but the gravel should stay frozen!


jxw said...

Windy sucker today. Nice ridin with y'all.

Steve Fuller said...

I opted for gravel today. The first 23 wasn't too bad. The trip back on the other hand... I think I owe MG an apology for the abuse his old frame is receiving :)

mw said...

great ride. big wind. i didn't have the energy for the van dorn route. just went back on the highway after the malcom 2mile. sure was nice to get some bike miles in this weekend.

MG said...

yep... good ride. i hit van dorn too, but didn't feel like race pace in january was where i needed to be. i caught up to daniel once we got going with the wind and we had a nice pedal until he turned at O street. hope you guys got some good intervals in...

mw said...

that was funny as hell to see you at my driveway mg. man, i'm slow.

MG said...

i wouldn't say that... but it was still good to see you and slap you a big high five!