Saturday, January 09, 2010

Frigid ski!

Regrouping and waiting for stragglers

Record turnout today! Probably fifteen plus. Had some new faces too. James, John L., and Christian, and Aaron joined the crew! Great to have you guys along.

Ended up going beyond 14th Street and then turned around after running into Matt, Matt, Jim, Butch and Jeff. Snow was awesome.

Textbook herringbone

Troy demonstrating how to get up those steep inclines at the 14th Street entrance to the park. Definitely doable both directions.

Facebook profile photo of Jeff

Regroup and snack time

Everyone busted out some goodies at this point. Troy with Holly's peanut butter brittle which was amazing, Jeff with some type of hippie almond that was mighty tasty, and Jim with some awesome Bourbon fudge made by Monks or something. Snack time was fun, but the break was a bit too long and the digits really got cold.

Aaron with baseball cap

Aaron, you're a tougher man than I for wearing the baseball cap. My ears would have been frozen solid by the time we finished if I did that. Great seeing you out there.

More of the same tomorrow, but we're starting a bit earlier. 10 AM from the Old Cheney parking lot.


mw said...

i might end up going earlier than that to get the wife to the yoga class she wants to get to.

mw said...

ok nevermind. see you at ten with the group.

Cornbread said...