Monday, January 25, 2010

Almanzo 100 - Another gravel grinder on the docket for 2010

Image pilfered from the Almanzo 100 blog

I'm very excited for my first Almanzo 100 experience. Signed up earlier this month via the postcard route (details on the Almanzo blog). The event is a 100 mile gravel grinder staged out of Rochester, Minnesota and put on by Chris Skogen. May 15th is the date of the event.

The most recent post on the Almanzo 100 blog is regarding the Almanzo 100 mission statement. Yep, the event costs nuthin' to enter! You gotta love that. Definitely fits the PCL mantra.

Chris has been putting this event on for three years now and it's definitely gaining momentum. As of this morning there are well over 200 people signed up. By the looks of the Almanzo blog and previous race reports, Chris does an outstanding job with the race prep, logistics and pre/post ride fun. Should be a great weekend up North.

There's still time to sign up! Troy, Schmidty and I are in. It would be great to get more Nebraska folks up there too. Show your support of the Midwest gravel scene. Send a postcard in by the end of January and you're in!


Anonymous said...

Did you see the DONATE. Good idea for free events.

Steve Fuller said...

Will be great to see you guys up there in May. :)

EB said...

Got room for one more?

Cornbread said...

Hey Eric, you should sign up and get some other Omaha folks to sign up too. The more the merrier.

As far as travel arrangements, I'm sure we can figure something out. It's several months away and I'm not sure who's driving up at this point.

FYI, the race has 312 folks registered including 5 tandems as of yesterday. It's gonna be huge.

Joshua Stamper said...

We are in on the tandem

Steve Fuller said...

This event is gonna be over 400 people by the time he's done counting the cards this week...WOW

Cornbread said...

Holy shiznit! 400 folks on gravel is gonna be quite a site.