Saturday, December 05, 2009

Yep, it's winter alright

Caffeinated and ready to go

Nineteen brave souls headed out from Meadowlark this morning for a quick trip to Cortland via the Homestead trail and a bit of gravel. Departure temperature was around 25 with a sub-twenty degree wind chill.

Large group today with some new faces!

Butch put the hammer down early and lead the charge most of the way on his fixed gear Surly Cross Check. Dude, you were killin' it today!

Headin' back on South 25th Street

The group really splintered after Cortland. A small crew grouped up and rolled back to town on gravel and eventually the Homestead Trail. The tailwind was great. Several of us rolled through the park on the way back to town. Wilderness is still in amazing shape. Hopefully the snow in the next few days won't ruin it.

Great ride today everyone! More of the same tomorrow!


Thew said...

Tailwind aside, I wish every gravel road was like S. 25th Road.

CJ said...

Yup, Wilderness riding was great today! Wish I could have made the morning ride with you folks, but my boy really wanted to see the supper heros at the Lincoln Holiday Parade. I can't deny the boy a chance to see Spiderman...can I.

Cornbread said...

Thew, yeah, South 25th is great road. It's part of my usual post-work loop.

Chris, Spiderman rox. You made the right call. Hopefully we'll hook up for a ride one of these days.