Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Morning Motivational

Almost virgin tracks on the Rock Island Trail by the Lincoln Zoo

Out the door and on the bike by 4:30 AM. Quick coffee stop. More riding at 5 AM and then more coffee at 6 AM.

Roads were great this morning

Studded tires work really well. Super stoked. Hopefully they'll keep me upright this year.

More snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Boo.


nds said...

monday mornings can be a race to a fresh bike path... "sorry, butch i know its only 330 but i wanted the virgin path"

c_c_rider said...

yo c-bread, what kind of tires you running? nokian gazza estremes (29er size)?

Cornbread said...

Conrad, yeah the Nokian 29er deals. They're a bit narrow for my liking (listed as 2.1, but acutally 1.95ish), but still seem to hook up nicely. Obviously, they roll like shit on smooth surfaces.