Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another great day on the skis

Super fast tracks

The tracks are very well defined and relatively smooth heading South towards the 14th Street entrance of Wilderness. Some hikers and plenty of deer have also been on the tracks which keeps you focused on staying upright.

We had another good crew this morning (about half the size of yesterday). Went through the Park from Old Cheney entrance to 14th Street and back on the horse/bike side. Good stuff. I must be getting a little better cuz I only went down about 10 times today.

Skiing is a nice change of pace, but I really miss riding. Gonna hafta get out on the bike this week.


jxw said...

Grav. was good again today went west then north hoping to find some snow covered roads, never did, they have them maintained well. Found some good snowy alley hops on the way home.

RD said...

Yes we need to do around the band meetup after new years yes?

mw said...

it's not like i prefer skiing but it sure is nice that we have the option this time of year. and it is a nice break. probably a better full body workout also.