Sunday, November 01, 2009


Meadowlark Coffee rally point. Matt, why so sad?

Ash road on the way to Wilber.

Aaron wants me to take his picture. Done.

Wilber Hotel for brunch. The "real" bikers beat us there.

Slim pickins by the time we show up. Fresh biscuits, eggs and coffee soon followed this pic. Score! $5.95 per plate. The new off-season Bacon Ride.

Homeboy in the background isn't too impressed with our cheesy pose.

Good dog. Didn't bark at all. Just ran along with us for a bit and then stopped and headed back for home when I told her/him to "Go home". Oh, getting pics of dogs chasing on gravel is my "new thing".

Ran into this skinny transient on the way home. He asked us for money. I gave him some pocket change.

The colors are peakin'. Beautiful day on the bike. Got up to 72 degrees. Might be the last really nice one of the year. Hope you got out and enjoyed it.

1 comment:

cvo said...

who you calling skinny,

and thanks for the change. i bought a lolly