Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday fun day!

Double pace lining the Homestead Trail south

Another good sized crew of folks met up at Meadowlark Coffee for an 8:30 departure. The wind was stiff all day and taking a turn up front was a challenge. We don't have mountains, but we have plenty of wind.

Barely visible cemetery

On the way to Wilber for brunch at the Wilber Hotel, Aaron, Jesse, Sydney and I came across an interesting piece of history. I think it was Sydney who spotted it. At the top of a small mound hiding in the tall grass next to a corn field was a 19th century cemetery. The cemetery is on SW 72nd Street between Ash and Aspen Roads.

Not in bad shape considering the age

The whole Marsh family is buried here. Another smaller enclosed cemetery (the Sykes family) is only a few feet from this one.

Here lies William Marsh

Can you figure out the inscription at the bottom?

This marker is the wife (first wife?) of William Marsh. Only 33 years, 6 months, and 16 days old when she passed away. Sobering reality of the life expectancy in a world without modern medicine that was just five generations ago.

I tried to figure out the inscription at the bottom. German is the language. The first word is misspelled. It should read, "Selig sind die im Herrn sterben". Using several translating websites, I believe it's most likely, "Blessed are those that die in the Lord"

Note the headstone in the upper left - Jasper M. Sykes

The pic above is of the second smaller cemetery which probably pre-dates the larger one. This assumption is based on the date of death (1878) on the largest headstone of Mary A (wife of Jasper).

Jasper M. Sykes - Civil War Veteran and Grand Army of the Republic member

This goes to prove that you can find just about anything on the internet. A very brief and interesting read of the life of Jasper M. Sykes. Civil War veteran who fought with General Sherman, stanch Republican, successful farmer, and husband to Mary.

Finally dry enough for harvest!

Hey fellas!

Soon to be harvested

Another great ride today. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to hitting more gravel next weekend.


jamesb said...

Good riding with you guys.

Quick story, one of my friends accidentally plowed a little old cemetery in the Ord area with his tractor/plow in the corner of one of his fields (he had like 3000 acres). It hadn't been maintained for quite some time and was grown over, I guess he tore it up! He had to pay a lot of $$ to get it fixed.

Mike said...

The inscription is a loose translation meaning "Blessed are those that die in the lord". You already had that, just thought I would confirm it. 3 years of German finally paid off!

Cornbread said...

James, bad luck on your friends behalf. Man, that would be a major bummer.

Mike, thanks for the confirmation. Three years in Germany sounds like a fun experience. Military?

Steve Fuller said...

Looks like a great ride Corey. That "barely visible cemetary" photo makes an excellent wallpaper on my Macbook Pro.