Sunday, November 15, 2009

Short Sunday ride

North 27th rollers - Hey, I see Matt and Jesse!

The crew was small today most likely due to the threatening weather. North wind kept the temps in the 30's with wind chill. Yep, it's about time for the Lake Winter boots.

Not a sound

Ninja dog ran with Schmidty and I for a bit. The pooch was stoked to have someone to play with. Not one bark.

Blood trail

Signs of the first weekend of rifle season for deer appeared a few times on the gravel.

Hat trick

Number three for Mark on the day. Couldn't find anything in the tire or rim strip. Bad luck I guess.

Big load

Wrapped up the ride at Cafe Indigo in the Hay Market for a free espresso. Anyone that rides to the cafe on Sunday gets a free espresso. Good stuff.


mw said...

great riding with you this weekend corey.

Cornbread said...

Right back at ya Matt. Always a pleasure riding with ya, but it's also bummer to see you turn around early.

Looking forward to lots of winter rides and maybe some cx skiing.