Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday gravel fun

Rollin' out

The gravel posse reached double digits today. We headed North towards Valparaiso after some coffee at The Mill. The ride started out a bit chilly, but quickly warmed up when the sun came out.

Never thought I'd see the day - Wills on the smart phone

Hit "B road" on our way into Valparaiso. Those of you who rode the 2009 GLGA probably remember that road well. It was dry and fast today.

Rural lawn ornament

On the way back into town on the 27th street gravel just North of Kawasaki, Jim Winklepleck had a little run in with a pretty good sized dog. The dog came at Jim in a full sprint and T-boned Jim as he was clippin' along. I don't know how Jim was able to keep it upright, but he did. Jim, you got some skills and some bad luck with dogs.

The collision made a terrible noise. Kinda like picking up your bike and throwing it down to the ground as hard as you can. The dog was visibly injured. It tucked it's tail and limped back to where it came from. Jim's bike was fine.

I've never seen that dog before. Maybe it was over for a visit. Weird.

Tanker fly over

We wrapped up the ride with around 55 to 60 miles. Another great day on the bike. Thanks for the ride fellas! More of the same tomorrow.