Saturday, November 07, 2009


Gravel posse- great seeing everyone today!

Beautiful day in Nebraska. Temps reached mid 60's by the turn around point. Ditched the arm warmers and knee warmers for short sleeves and shorts by the end of the ride. Didn't quite make it to North Bend for a gravel hundy. The North wind was a bit more intense than the forecast had indicated. So Ceresco ended up being the destination. A nice 60 miler for the day. Nothing too crazy.

Rural gravel beauty

Yep, that's Nebraska gravel for ya. Endless possibilities for rides in every direction. No matter which way you go you'll hit a small town about 15 to 25 miles out of Lincoln. Perfect for 50 to 60 mile rides.

Good Problem

Post ride lunch at the ever popular Grateful Bread. Line out the door at this Freakbeat Vegetarian bakery/soup shop. Will they ever make the Amish Cinnamon Rolls again? I asked that question last week. The answer is no. Bummer.


mw said...

Sorry to miss it

Cornbread said...

We missed you Matt. Hope all is well. Let's get together and ride bikes soon.

RD said...

i called b.s. on that 15 mph wind saturday as well i might of been closer to 20 than 15...
around the bend ride after cross?
will talk soon

Cornbread said...

Rafal, yeah, Around the Bend Steakhouse is callin' our names. Cold beers and cheeseburgers!