Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lincoln Cyclocross Weekend 2009

This happens every year. After the Lincoln Cross race I beat myself up for not racing cyclocross more often. Why? This weekend was an absolute blast, that's why. The course was awesome (as usual), the weather was ideal, Hooligan Hill didn't disappoint, the turnout was exceptional and no one got hurt. Yep, perfect.

Thanks to everyone who made this past weekend great. Next year will be even better. I guarantee.

"The Chute"

DK on the drums - Ah Yeah! Full band next year, baby!

Nate in The Chute. Too fast for my camera.

James B powerin' up The Chute.

MG headin' for the downside of Hooligan Hill.

Troy (Troy's rump in the pic) and Jesse dukin' it out. Jesse would go on to win the Nebraska Cat 3 State Championship. Congrats!

Nate, dollar bill in mouth, almost took me out in this pic. Whew.

Mark Studnicki got himself a pair of War Axe socks. Thanks for coming up for the race dude!

Matt negotiating The Chute with ease.

I've never had money spit at me, but it's always been a dream of mine. Thanks for fulfilling that dream, Nate! Next time make it hundies!

We even got the winner of Saturday and Sunday's races, Brian Jensen, to smile while hittin' The Chute. I think CVO said something about someone's sister.

Battle going on here. Best battle of the entire race.

More socks!?! Studnicki is cleanin' up on the War Axe Sox! Get some War Axe sox here!

Another great pose!

Carp throwin' down. Dude, you did awesome this weekend. Have fun on the bird hunt.

Mod! No wig today. All bizness.

Who wants to get PAID!?!

Battle for State Championship going on here. Troy up front with Jesse and Matt close behind.

Smiles, that's what it's all about. Well, that and pain. Lots and lots of pain.


paxtoncoyote said...

Was a GREAT time indeed! my son & I made the 3+ hour trip for him to race his first ever cyclocross race & he's STOKED, won juniors on Sat & second on Sun, we'll be back!

GREAT cycling scene in Lincoln!

Cornbread said...

Props to you and your son for making the trip down. Your son did great in his races! Get 'em started young!

Hope you see you both at more races next year! I also hope to make it out your way in the Spring and hit Potter's Pasture for a weekend.

MG said...

Thanks for cheering for me on Sunday, Cornbread, even though I was waaaaay off the back. I really appreciate it.

You looked awesome winning the singlespeed class with style too. Way to go, my friend.

I'm looking forward to an off season of gravel, and then another run at TIv.6 in the spring. It's time to build up to another epic! I can't wait...

Thanks again Cornbread. You're a good friend. Congratulations on a great 2009 racing season. You're maturing into one heck of an impressive bicycle racer.


Cornbread said...

Thanks Matt. Way to stick it out this weekend. It's always tough to continue on after a bad start.

Yeah, it's been a great year and I'm looking forward to more fun in 2010 with all of my cycling buddies. Have a great Turkey day!