Monday, November 30, 2009

Jingle Cross 2009

Jingle Cross - Iowa City, Iowa

Sprinter loaded with 11 bikes, a butt load of gear and 7 dudes (one with really bad gas on the way home)

What are we gonna do with Mark's bike? Just throw it on top.

iPhone's are fun! Especially the Jiggle app.

Ready, set, unload!

Eight wide

Base camp

Friday night fun - 2/3 racers "locked and loaded"

Troy clogged up 1/2 a lap in on Friday

Well, at least there's always Saturday and Sunday. Hmmm...where else have I've seen this pose before?

Mark suffered a slightly different fate in Friday's race. And just like that, the season is over for Mark. Jesse also busted a der hanger. Damn.

The descent off Mt. Krumpit on Friday night

Friday night lights on a 100 foot boom

Yep, Saturday was muddy too. Sure am glad I had a single speed with disc brakes.

Post race ritual - standing in line for the power washer

Troy's luck was shitty for the first two days. Saturday busted der less than 1/2 a lap after another great start.

Time to clean it up and pack it away for the trip home

Matt raced great all weekend and consistently improved every race. 11th, 9th and 8th!


Ned taking the fence line with the left handed portage

Todd Wells dominated all weekend

Money! Not many takers in the Elite race.

Ned in your face!

Not many takers of beer hand ups either. That's cool. More beer for us!

Troy Wells had a great Friday finishing second to his bro, but DNF'd on Saturday

Ned is a bad ass. He finished 9th on Saturday and 10th on Sunday.

The top of Mt. Krumpit was lined with a horde of spectators having a great time heckling the Elite racers

Nice remount

Todd Wells with the victory on Saturday

Sunday the Lincoln crew was hoping for better luck and no more mechanicals

Workin' the pits for the 2/3 race - Everyone survived the race without busting a der or der hanger!

Troy crossing the line in 4th on Sunday! Great job to all the Nebraska and Kansas racers this weekend! Good luck at Nationals fellas!


mathguy said...

Terrific photos-the Friday night descent pic is very cool. Great job racing this weekend! Would have been nice if half the Nebraska contingent hadn't been knocked out by mechanicals and illness, but it was fun.

paxtoncoyote said...

DANG! looks like more fun was had, my wife gave us the pass to go but thought it would be too far the weekend after Lincoln & I felt guilty leaving work behind for another weekend, perhaps next year, wish they were ALL a little closer to home for us!

MOD said...

Love it, glad you came, super fun weekend, with or without racing.