Thursday, November 26, 2009

Early Turkey day ride - 35 miles in before 8 AM

The infamous "O" Street at 5 AM - No traffic!

Sure was cold out this morning. Wind chill was below 20 degrees. Busted out the Lake Winter boots and the winter mitts. It's tough getting up and out the door around 4 AM, but once you're moving it's all good.

Matt and Nathan - early morning regulars

Thanks again for hosting the ride today Nathan. Also thanks for the coffee and banana bread! Good stuff!

Dark gravel

We ended up doing a small loop North of town and called it good around 7:30 AM. Beautiful ride. The stars and the planet Mars were visible in the clear dark morning sky. The sunrise was epic. Also kicked up some deer from a corn field on the way back into town.

This early morning ride is really something I'm beginning to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that you could be part of the early morning club.

mw said...


Thew said...

Hey I made COREY'S BLOG!

Thanks to everyone -- these rides, frankly, have given me the energy to ride more than ever -- and for any/all advice/assistance with bike-related stuff.

I really appreciate it, dudes.

nds said...

also agreed

mw said...

Sat morn ride?

Cornbread said...

Thanks again for the ride fellas. I'm up for this Thursday. It's gonna be cold.