Saturday, October 31, 2009

We be rollin'......they be chasin'



Black dogs

Rural traffic

They can't stop the gravel posse


CJ said...

Looks like fun!

Draus and I did about 45mi of gravel fun today as well. Legs are hurtin now though :)

Cornbread said...

Nice! Good to hear you guys got out and got some miles in. One of these days we'll all have to link up for a ride.

Michael Meiser said...

lol, I've been feeling this way lately.

Way more dogs on the gravel/dirt/ back roads I like to ride in the fall.

Anymore I just encourage them to chase me having realized that pretty much all dogs are to out of shape to case you down at 15-20mph. I sometimes even slow down to encourage them. Sort of a game to see how long they'll follow me for.

p.s. My encouragements are more a psycological game. I do hate to see any dog running in the road (even a backroad that gets no traffic) but once they're on the road I just try to wear them out.

I've noticed many will stop on a dime if you yell "where do you belong" right as they reac the edge of their property and not a second before. I think hey usually recognize the natural boundry and when you reinforce it with a stern and timely warning you catch them in a moment of hesitation.

My encouraging "atta' boy!" references seem to disarm them in a different way, catching them off gaurd and calming them... if only because it confuses tem. What's more it's easier on my voice.

Anyway, the whole thing is very in-conclusive, but you have to have someting to yell.

Cornbread said...

I get a kick out of the rural farm dogs. They provide some amusement on the gravel rides.