Saturday, October 24, 2009

Important Cornbread updates!

Wow, a lot has gone on since my last post. The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo got hit by a freak snow storm and I got hit by a head/chest cold. Bad timing on both accounts. Even with the bad weather MG and company made the best of a crappy situation and appeared to still have a great time.

I made an attempt to get out to Brady for event (see photo above), but ended up bailing at the Goehner Exit due to white out conditions. No sense dying on I-80 when it's obviously not gonna be ideal riding conditions. Besides, I was in no shape to be riding a bike. So things just weren't meant to be for the BWB this year, but hopefully next year things will be better. Folks that made it out to Potter's Pasture on Friday night were raving about the trails. Hopefully I'll be able to make it out there either this year or early next year for a long weekend of epic mountain biking.

Last weekend I flew home to see the family. My Dad's health has been declining recently. It's tough to see a proud and strong guy like my Dad so weak and in constant pain. The worst part of it is we have no idea whats wrong with him. So that made for a tough trip home. Also seems to put a lot of things in perspective. Everything else really doesn't seem to matter much right now. Especially bikes. Hopefully we'll find out soon and he'll start feeling better.

On Thursday night, Race Across the Sky was playing at South Point. The movie chronicled Lance Armstrong's battle against Dave Wiens ( 6 Time Winner) in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race this past August. Dubbed the most difficult mountain bike race in the world, the Leadville 100 travels 100 miles (duh) and climbs over 14,000 feet all above 9,000 feet of elevation. Yeah, it's tough. Lance credits the 2008 race with rekindling his desire to race bicycles again.

The theater was packed. Lots of Leadville veterans and a horde hopeful future participants were in attendance. I busted out the buckle for the movie (above). And why not? I'm proud of my finish in 2007. 8:56:14. As far as I know, I'm the only Lincolnite to finish under 9 hours. Now, Omaha has several folks that have cracked the nine hour mark (Kent x 3, Jarret x 2? and Limpach x 1). Mark Merritt of Grand Island has also collected a Gold Buckle. I'd like to see another Lincolnite get a Gold. We've got a very talented group of riders and I'm sure Lincoln will have great representation at this year's event. The Cycle Works crew is fired up and ready to go. How about you?

Today I got out on the bike for a bit of gravel with Jim (The Fob). My first real ride in over two weeks. The head/chest cold, trip home and bad weather have cut the miles down this month. I'm over 700 miles off my usual pace for the month. Definitely won't be cracking a grand this month. Oh well, I needed a break.

And finally...CVO, is back in town!


mw said...

those are important updates.
see you tomorrow

CJ said...

Nice buckle!

I wish I could have gotten out to the theater, but I was finishing up my last clinical day for my BSN! Now just on to my preceptorship and then find a job!

Sorry to hear about your father!

Over 1,000 miles per month...woah..I thought I was doing well this summer with 350-400 mile months.

Hope to see you all on a few Saturday monring rides this winter!

mw said...

i love those rides.

Thew said...

Dude, I guess I have one of your old forks now.

Butchie pawned off THE Karate Monkey (previous Tony, and Rick before him) on me, knowing that I was in the market for one. I guess the fork was the replacement for the one Rick wrecked on.

The Green Karate Monkey is the new Brown Volvo

KEV said...

Jarret x 1, Kent X 3 with several more to come and I'm guessing a top 10 finish next year. 1 Gold signed by Lance with more to come for me. My goal was 8:30 this year and just made it. Next year I'm shooting for sub 8:15 hopefully close to 8.

They did a good job with the film. Glad to hear you going back. Will you get a special bracelet to start up front with us?

Cornbread said...

Chris, sounds like you're almost finished with the BSN. Congrats! We'll see you at D Street rides this winter for sure.

Thew, yeah, that frame/fork has really been around the Lincoln cycling community. Glad to see it's still in use. Enjoy it!

Kev, Lance signed your buckle? Sweet. Great job at Leadville, btw. I hope to be there in 2010 (if I can get in). So how do I get a special bracelet to start up front? I made the mistake of lining up with the 9 to 10 hour group when I raced in 2007 and was stuck in traffic for the first couple of climbs. That was sucky.

Kev, you should do the Laramie Enduro next year too. It's two weeks prior to Leadville and a great altitude primer.

Cornbread said...

Kev, didn't Jarret get two gold buckles?

KEV said...

If you finish sub 9 you get a special bracelet to line up front group like Kent and Steve did. Not sure if it has to be the year prior or not. Now that there 1400+ riders they just had the two groups. I think I crossed the start line about 400 back and had to fight slower traffic to get up front. Once I got up with the fast guys the elite 15 or so were gone, all I could see was the helicopter and eventually that was gone.

Lance signed my hat and the Buckle, I waited out back during his speech and got him to sign both and tell me he'd be back for several years to come.

Jarret got sick and didn't finish this year.

Looking at maybe doing the Laramie Enduro.

Would like to do some gravel this year with you and Troy this Fall / Winter. I’ll have to get in touch, maybe next weekend.

Cornbread said...

Kev, anytime you wanna hit gravel let me know. I'm always up for a long gravel ride. Shoot me an email.