Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cross and the Fargo

The only pic I took from the Omaha Cyclocross Weekend

My first cross races of the year are in the books. Yep, it hurt...a lot, but was also a lot of fun. Had a weird mechanical on Saturday. My tire came off the rim after going through a small sandpit. First time that ever happened. Had to run it for a bit to get to the pit to get it fixed. It was an easy fix and I was able to continue the race and go on and finish. Unfortunately, I got lapped by the top three. Bummer.

Sunday was a bit better. Managed not to get lapped by anyone! That's my goal for this year. Not to get lapped. Baby steps. Next year maybe I'll try to crack the top seven.

Needs more headtube...kidding

Got the Fargo built up this weekend too. Thanks to MG and Salsa for the frame and fork. Thanks to Vomitron for the wheel build. The bike turned out pretty nice. It's ready to go just in time for the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo! I'll be leading some gravel rides on Saturday and Sunday. Come on out to Potter's Pasture for a celebration of big wheeled bikes!


Coach said...

oh man...I see devastation in your wake on those long gravel rides this winter.

NNs said...

how many bikes does this one make?

Ari said...

Nice build. I also ride a Fargo and it took me a while to dial in the position. IT is such a different bike. What do you have to comment on Bike Fit. I am 6"4" with an inseam of 34". I am riding a Size 22 with a 130mm Thomson stem and a Thomson post with setback. Seems to feel better.

Ari said...

I was also wondering if you could post the name of the company that makes those awesome stem-handlebar mounted feedbags you once mentioned.

Cornbread said...

Coach, it'll be a great gravel and offroad bike. I'm looking forward to riding it at the Ballyhoo this weekend.

Jonn, I quit counting awhile ago. Too many, that's for sure. Wanna buy one?

Ari, I'm still getting the fit dialed in. I got the 24" frame. Didn't need to cut the steerer tube. I've got a 130 mm Thompson stem as well with a 410 mm seatpost. Probably got around 80 to 100 mm of headset spacers. I comfortably rest in the drops. That's the whole idea...ride it in the drops.

Oh, that handlebar bag is a Epic Ride Research Mountain Feedbag.

I'm a big fan of these for long events. I used it at Ouachita, Trans Iowa and Dirty Kanza. There's a left hand and a right hand model. Enjoy!

Ari said...

Thanks for the info!