Sunday, September 20, 2009


The angry black dog greeted us on the way to Platte today. He came blastin' out of the trees and scared the crap out of Wes and I. He didn't give much of a chase, but had a mighty bark. Fobben was a bit behind us and surprisingly didn't get hassled. Hadn't seen this large black beast in a while. I was kinda wondering if he was still around. He's a Bacon ride legend. I had just finished warning Wes about a 250 pound Rottweiler that Winklepleck almost killed on a Bacon ride last year when the dog appeared. It's a Labrador. Ha!

On the way back home I had my camera out. The Angry Black Lab didn't disappoint. I got you sucka!


jxw said...

It's hard to feel bad for the dogs that run out of rural farm yards and scare the sh*t out of me, I did whack that one good last year,dog face to spoke/fork leg glancer at 30 mph.It had to injure it. I'm just glad it didn't make me crash and attack.

Ari said...

The owners and the dog need to all get the collar around their necks with the invisible fence. Dogs are so annoying. One of our customer ladies got chased by a pit bull and eventually crashed and got hurt.

MG said...

That dog just about took out the rear wheel of my La Cruz last year at full-speed on the way to Platte... The rear wheel made it just fine, but I had plenty of chamois butter for the rest of the ride, put it that way.

Nice photo though... Guilty as charged!!

sda said...

outside of Austin (waaay back in the day) we had one we named "worthy opponent". that m'fer would hide behind the stone wall of the property and wait until you just passed by ... then he'd pounce.

a couple weekends ago outside of ft. collins i got chased for a bit by a 3 legged dog. that was about the saddest thing ever. "you can do it little brotha"

Anonymous said...

welcome to the country...htfu!

Michael Meiser said...

Believe it or not I've never had one try to take a chunk out of me despite thousands of chases.

I did however catch one right at his fence line and he jetted straight at me as I was still coming, head on, kamikazee style. I was going 20+mph and there was no way I was going to stop or swerve. Luckily he veered off at the very last second. His owner was getting the mail and saw the whole thing.