Monday, September 28, 2009


Closed out the mountain bike racing this past weekend at Manawa. Now it's on to cyclocross. Ouch. Not quite sure if I'm ready for it. I'm more suited for riding my bike at a steady pace all day long, not balls to the wall for an hour. I can almost feel the lung sizzle and taste the metallic bloody mucus.

I need some inspiration....maybe this old pic from 2002 or was it 2003, with me leading Tony in a cross race at Pioneers Park will muster up some confidence. No, he's not lapping me. I was actually ahead of him. It was probably the 50th minute in the 60 minute race.

To be honest, Tony did have the flu and was as white as a sheet. But I was still beating him! At least for a little while. Shortly after this photo was snapped Tony passed me. Even on my best day on a cross bike and Tony's worst, I still couldn't beat him. Bastard.


munsoned said...

There's nothing quite as humbling as a cross race. Even at my fastest, I'd get out there in a cross race and be lapped multiple times. So much pain. They are fun to watch though.

cvo said...

they sure are fun to watch, i'll be out there cheerin ya on this year dude. see ya in a few weeks

Travis said...

but it feels great when you stop.
rip it up!

len said...

and beers taste so much better after a cx race too. not that they need any help tasting better.

Cornbread said...

The endorphin high after the race is wicked. Especially with a cold beer to chase it down.

I'm really looking forward to the Lincoln cross races. Hooligan's Hill is gonna be rockin' this year.