Sunday, September 13, 2009

Branched Oak Area 7 is wicked!

Local Psycowpath race was held out at Branched Oak Area 7 today. The race was moved to Sunday and started a couple of hours later due to rain from a storm on Friday. Race Promoters, Troy, Craig and company, made the right call to postpone the event one day. The event went off without a hitch. Great job fellas!

Prior to the race I was a bit worried about mud, but was pleasantly surprised once I got out on the trail. There were some greasy spots which forced you to take it easy around some of the corners, but the trail ended up ideal after a few laps. The greasy corners turned into sticky flypaper. It was wicked.

The trail system out at Branched Oak Area 7 is very impressive. Kudos to Craig and company for all their hard work! After the race today the whole race loop should have a great big ole smooth line laid down. Got out there and check it out!

Look at that nice big smooth line

Fly paper

This new section through the evergreen trees was designed by Darin Schlake


MG said...

Nice ridin' today, Corey. You were clearly the class of the field, if not the entire day. Congratulations on a race well won. Nine laps in just over three hours is pretty amazing.


pd said...

stunning, really! you made it look easy...

i was really impressed by the sweet additions to the trail, including Darin's tree farm, the little weavy section by the lake (bony goodness!), and i even liked the reroute out of the creek bottom and up to the left onto the open grassy bits! the additional pieces made some of the more familiar pieces even more enjoyable.

and you are right on the money...flypaper it was!!!

good to see ya!

HEY, where was showen...mussa been at church!
nice run corey!

RD said...

yeah i bet showen was at church!!!
Good job on the race bacon ride this Sunday for sure

Cornbread said...

Thanks fellas. It was a fun, but a tough race. My legs and back are still pretty damn sore.

Bacon on Sunday? Hmmmm...maybe. I'd like to hit Manawa on Sunday. Maybe I'll meet you fellas up at Platte for breakfast and then head on up to Manawa.

RD said...

maybe you should call me if you decide to do manawa. I have ideas I would like to talk to you about.