Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whew.....that was tough

Wow, we had a great turnout this week for the Tuesday night Crit. Lots of new faces that I haven't seen in awhile. My estimate with the late stragglers was around 20. The pace was a lot faster this week, but hey, that's what it's all about. Pushing the limit, blowing up, and trying to latch back on. Great training for cross.

We did ten laps at around 25 to 26 mph with a sprint finish. Then did five sets of one recovery lap followed by two laps with a sprint. Lots of smiles and tired faces afterward.

We'll be doing the Tuesday Night Crit throughout August and into September. Every Tuesday at 6 PM at The Bridges development near Denton.

Coach reviewing the plan

Trying to hang on after a pull


RD said...

looks like we will have pretty good group sunday at platte see you there

MG said...

Great to see you guys had fun. That'll definitely make you faster! We got a good ride in too, but didn't quite get that intensity in... It had a bit of a different character.

Marc said...

According to my Garmin, downloaded to training peaks WK0 software, we averaged 26-27 mph those first 10 laps with 2 laps averaging 27-27.5 mph. The 2 laps on 1 off we would avg. 25-26 first lap then avg 26-27 the sprint lap. Maxing out at avg of 28-30 mph/lap the 1st 10. The 1on/1off maxing out from 29-36 mph. Disclaimer: your speed might of been slightly different than mine unless you were riding on my handibars.

Marc said...

Another comment, in the group your power will be mostly at endurance pace. Once you hit that front, BAM!, your in VO2 territory. Just above LT power. You stay there for 20,30,45 secs and you're getting it big time at 27-28 mph. Back to the back you go and recover.It's a quick paceline. By the time you hit the front again that's about 5 min of recovery @ 30 sec pulls x 10 guys each. More than enough to recover. If we could do that for hour with that many guys we'll get fast. You'll be flying around lincorn in traffic. By the way, I love drafting cars just for this reason.

Coach said...

Keep in mind we do pretty good considering there is only 10 -15 of us...KC gets lots more people (making it easier to go fast.)and they are averaging 28ish on a little tougher course. THis is good stuff.

Cornbread said...

Rafal, see you Sunday for some Breakfast Buffet!

MG, sounds like you had fun last night too. That's what it's all about.

Marc, yeah those speeds sound about right. It sure was tough.

Kev, I agree 100%. I'm stoked to see the turnout and hope this becomes a weekly staple for the Lincoln cycling community. It'll make everyone faster.