Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pre-ride of The Good Life Gravel Adventure


Endurosnob said...

that second pic is very cool.

Cornbread said...

Yeah, it turned out pretty damn sweet. That's what happens when I have no idea how to operate my camera! :)

Scott Redd said...

Howdy Cornbread.

I'm assuming that you were one of the Lincoln folks that Mark was talking during breakfast at Platte River State Park yesterday. Too bad I didn't introduce myself.

The pics are great. That second pic (with the truck) is cool, but scares me just to look at it! :)

All this talk I'm hearing about the GLGA is making me want to try it. Maybe next year. Sounds like great fun.

MG said...

That was a great ride Saturday. I wish I would have been able to hang for the whole thing, but you and Troy were cookin' it. I hope you end up racing next weekend too, so you can capitalize on that awesome fitness you've got going on right now... But then you'll have to contend with Krause and all the other fast guys that are gonna' be showing up. It's going to be a stacked house this year!

And they're gonna' be treated to an incredible course too. You did a great job finding some pristine dirt. I was on dirt roads that had me shaking my head at how steep and just how great they were. If people don't see the beauty in some of the high points on the course that you've selected, they're not going to find much to love in Nebraska, because this is what it's all about as far as I'm concerned...

I'm glad I got a chance to ride at least some of the course, since I'm not going to get to ride it this weekend (I'll be racing my mountain bike up at Maskenthine - unfortunately I can't be two places at once).

Have fun!! Thanks for putting this together, Cornbread. It's a really cool thing you're doing and I know it's bringing a lot of people in.