Friday, August 14, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

The Disco served me well, but it has been slowly falling apart since I bought it. The machine has consistently nickel and dime'd me over the past three years. With the Cash for Clunkers deal I was able to get almost as much trade-in value as I had originally paid for it over three years ago. With 140,000 miles and the all recent problems I had in the mountains, it just made sense. Now, I hate cars and rarely drive them, but when I do drive somewhere I prefer a dependable, economical and comfortable vehicle. The Disco's cruise control was inoperable, it took premium gas, had virtually no leg room, and got shitty gas mileage.

The Honda Element was priced right and had all the features that I needed.

When pulling away from the dealership this afternoon the salesmen barked, "I'll see you for your free oil change after the first 5,000 miles!". I smiled. Since I ride my bike just about everywhere and hardly ever drive, I yelled back, "That'll be sometime in 2011!". With an awkward look on his face the salesmen said, "Wow, you gotta get a life!". I laughed.

Money well spent? I think so.


MG said...

That thing is hot... Nice choice buddy. Congratulations. You deserve it.


millhouse said...


Thew said...

The seats in those fold flat, right? In a pinch (i.e. no rack of any sort) couldn't you probably fit two or three bikes in the back?

Ben said...

Very nice choice Corey, and I don't blame you one bit - it's definitely a win-win. I used to be a non-fan of the first gen Insight, but the slight redesign makes them pretty dang hot along with their utilitarian capabilities + great gas mileage.

I betcha you'll dig driving this thing, let me know how you like it after some time. I really want to ditch our gas guzzling minivan for something that still has utility, but: a.) isn't a Chrysler product, and b.) gets good gas mileage.

Cornbread said...

I've really like the Element's since they were first introduced. This one is the LX bare bones version, but it's good enough for me. It's dependable, economical, and versitale.

Thew, the seats fold up to the side or can be completely removed. You can fit two or maybe three bikes in the back if the seats are removed and the front wheels of the bikes are taken off. A 2 x 8 with a few quick release wheel locks such as the Yakima Blockhead would be perfect for carrying multiple bikes. A receiver hitch can also be put on the back for less than a couple hundred bucks. I'll probably go that route.

Ben, I already know I like it. :) I just hope I have no problems.

hincapa said...


Cornbread said...

I'd love to get out to Yosemite. How long are you gonna be there?

PaddyH said...

nice ride, they seem to be a great option for our crowd, it'll serve you well I'm sure, congrats.

EXPO Racing said...

Element served us proper for years. Still regret going away from it.

You will love.

Liking the body style updates and color choice!