Thursday, August 06, 2009


Hagerman Pass Road and Turquoise Lake

Spent some time in Leadville this week and did some great riding. I planned on having a week long MTB vacation (Leadville, Crested Butte, Breckenridge, Fort Collins and Potter's Pasture prior to heading home), but had to cut it short due to problems with my truck. I was heading to Crested Butte when the Disco started having major problems. So instead of being stuck in the mountains with a huge auto repair bill I struggled home. My poor truck was only able to go around 25 mph over the mountain passes. Might be a cash for clunkers future for the Disco.

The time I spent in Leadville was incredible. I ended up getting around 15 hours of riding in two and a half days. I rode a majority of the Leadville 100 MTB route. Unfortunately, I got lost several times trying to find the climb to Columbine Mine. Oh well, I did plenty enough climbing anyways.

The weather was typical for Leadville during my stay. Low 40's in the morning and mid 70's during the afternoon. I got rained on several times by fleeting thunderstorms and even got hailed on once. Riding up there really makes me regret not signing up for the Leadville 100. I'll be sure to get signed up for next year.

Speaking of the Leadville 100, we have several local Lincoln and Omaha folks racing this year. Scott Bigelow, Kent McNeil, and Dave Tyler are just a few of the Nebraskans to be lining up for the challenge. Good luck fellas! I'll be sending good vibes from Nebraska!

The folks at the Leadville Trail 100 have taken a step into the 21st Century by updating their webpage. It looks really sharp. They're also gonna have live webcast streaming of the race on their website for a nominal fee of $5.95. With Lance and possibly Floyd racing again this year, I'm sure a lot of cycling fans will be willing to pony up the cash to watch the live webcast. This may be the first step towards getting live MTB race coverage on TV. You never know, maybe next year Versus will pick up and cover Leadville.


capn cowbell said...

I thought I saw you out here the other day. where are you going to be staying. this year is hopefully a finish year due to grad school. school has been good but bad to the body.

Cornbread said...

Did I see you with a group of three others on a fire road? Were you up there for a recon trip?

Good luck this year! You'll do fine. You've been there before and know what it takes.

I won't be there this year, but hopefully I'll be there next year if all goes well.

capn cowbell said...

We were heading into the Tennesse Pass Cafe. I thought I saw you heading into the motel next door on your bike.

Bigdave said...

Thanks bro...I hope to finish the monster.

Cornbread said...

Capn, that was me. I stayed in that motel. Kinda crappy, but cheap. Dang, I wish I knew you were in town. I ate at the Tennessee Cafe three times while I was there. Great food.

Dave, have fun out there and never give up! You can do it!