Sunday, August 30, 2009

A great weekend

What a great weekend! The Second Annual The Good Life Gravel Adventure went off without a hitch. The PCL crew did an outstanding job of getting this event together. Thanks again guys!

I didn't take very many pictures during the day. Here are a few that I snapped.

This was a pleasant surprise from Nebraska Lottery. Schmidty clued in Nebraska Lottery about our little adventure and they graciously donated 150 bucks in Nebraska Lottery tickets. Thanks again Nebraska Lottery! Hopefully some of the finishers were lucky and scratched off a winner.

50 folks toed the line for the Second Annual The Good Life Gravel Adventure. Doubled the turnout from last year. Who knows what next year will bring.

Arm and knee warmers were prudent as temperatures at the start were in the 50's. Luckily the forecast was wrong. Original forecast called for high 40's around start time.

The lead group peeled away from the rest of the riders early in the event. I think I can see Jim chasing in this pic.

A wicked MMR (minimum maintenance road) on 30 Road in Saunders County Nebraska. Troy Krause leading it out.

One of the climbs on the Ashland Alps (Ashland Road on the border of Lancaster and Saunders Counties Nebraska). We were chasing a rafter of turkeys on this road.

39 finishers this year with several folks set personal distance records. Ah yeah!


jxw said...

Yes, That is me back there. I was 200 yds. back until the B.O. road turn I was 50 yds., but just couldn't close and the road/hills got ugly. Thanks for putting up your time and effort so I could go hurt myself. I wasn't really expecting the super hard attack right off the bat,I didn't expect to ride alone all day. I didn't think it would work that way. I do like the tactic though. You would have thought there was $$$ on the line. Hat's off to T.K. he must have been punching it all day. Any winners in that bag o tics???

Taugimba said...

Thanks for a great weekend! I was glad I made the trip.

Cornbread said...

Jim, yeah the pace was fast. No money on the line, just gravel glory. I haven't gone through the Nebraska Powerball tickets yet. I'll get that done this week.

Mike, great having ya in town for the GLGA. So are we gonna see a Colorado gravel grinder someday? :)

Sport said...

Thanks CG and company for putting the ride on and for all the work you did in thought and deed to prepare for such an event.

Guitar Ted said...

Corey: Thanks again. You guys did great, and I'll come back again for this event. Heck, I'd just come back for any ol' ride out there. It was awesome country. Thanks for sharing it with us.