Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow, I really want to do this event someday

The Tour Divide started a couple of days ago and is already shaping up to be epic. 2,745 miles of self-supported mountain biking across the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. And yes, it is a race.

Riders will cross some of the most beautiful back country trails on the continent. If they're able to finish (most finishers take 21 plus days), they'll have climbed close to 200,000 vertical feet! Un-frickin'-real! This event is for some real salty dawgs.

Joe Meiser of Salsa and Trans Iowa V5 winner is among the competitors. Riders are carrying a Spot Tracker which allows folks at home to keep tabs on their favorite rider. Joe is currently in second place! Go Joe go!


paxtoncoyote said...

This event is my favorite to follow for the year also, to me it's like the Super Bowl, fortunatly it lasts longer & is FAR more entertaining, I'm NOT a football fan!

It's amazing to me that some of them finish it in like around 2 weeks or so, CRAZY! Imagine how much toll on the body & mind it must take.

Mike J said...

I'm following this event too. I think I'd like to do it some day also. A lot of the riders have spotted multiple grizzlies so far. I wouldn't be into that so much.

NNs said...

yes yes yes and yes. if you need sag give me a call. i will quit whatever job i have.

RD said...

i rode the monarch and rainbow trail section of this and it's pretty sweet i must say